3 months ago

Office Support Exam Prep: Sample Material And Review

Ahh. You will must act a certain way around the golf course, and you'll likewise require certain equipment. By furnishing guests with the icebreaker of the common theme, the initial uneasiness or dread melts away and the likelihood of enjoyment be read more...

5 months ago

"Destructive tornado" in central Indiana, National Weather Service says

Last Updated Aug 24, 2016 8:42 PM EDT

INDIANAPOLIS -- At least two tornadoes struck cities in

central Indiana on Wednesday, tearing the roof off apartment buildings, sending

air conditioners falling onto parked cars and cutt

5 months ago

Super typhoon hits Taiwan, cutting power and transport | Reuters

TAIPEI Super typhoon Nepartak hit Taiwan on Friday, driving thousands of people from their homes, disrupting power supplies and grounding more than 600 flights, authorities said.

Television showed toppled motorcycles and signboards bei

11 months ago

Tornadoes: Terror Along Tornado Alley

Every spring marks the beginning of tornado season in Tornado Alley, an area of the continental US covering part or all of 18 States. When spring is near, these states must prepare for tornado season. Weather forecasters can predict the weather th read more...